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  About Longwood Software  

Longwood Software is a leading provider of web-based software for Marketing and Sales departments within manufacturing, consumer goods, business services, and high-technology companies.  Longwood's products are ForFile® and RevBase®.

ForFile® is a web-based solution for transferring large files easily and securely.  ForFile eliminates the delays, expense, and frustration associated with distributing large creative assets, technical documents, and electronic product files.  ForFile was introduced as a hosted web service in early 2005.

RevBase® is a web-based solution for managing and distributing marketing materials, sales tools, and creative assets.  Industry-leading companies rely on RevBase to increase sales effectiveness, enhance marketing productivity, reduce costs, and make better marketing decisions.  RevBase was first introduced in 1998 as a commercial software application, and in 2000 as a hosted service.

The company is privately owned; was founded in 1997; and is based in Maynard, Massachusetts, a technology hub west of Boston.

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